Nature is our most beautiful gift and everything Clinton Friedman does is designed to honour that. Every Clinton Friedman image is a celebration of life; bold, graphic, individual, absolute and honest.


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Clinton Friedman started making images in 1997 as a visual arts student in the port city of Durban, South Africa. In 2003 he started a photographic journey that would culminate in his monograph Subtraction (2007). This collection of botanical images was a statement of intent that would come to define his aesthetic style: the ability to explore the intersection of seemingly contradictory elements. His work is a celebration of imperfection, expressed through a keenly refined point of view. Both inspired by the human touch of craft like wabi sabi and informed by the classical beauty of a modernist aesthetic.

This considered point of view is something that he has honed as an artist for nearly two decades. His work transcends artifice in favour of an uncompromising simplicity; forgoes trend in favour of timelessness. And in developing the Clinton Friedman brand he has brought this distinctive style to bear both in his artistic output and considered range of products. And while the expression may be adaptable, the intention is single-minded – a celebration of life that is bold and graphic, absolute and honest.