Kind Pillow Kudde | 50x75cm | Organic & Feather Free

Kind Pillow Kudde | 50x75cm | Organic & Feather Free

Pillow size: 50x75 / Firmness: Adjustable 

Our pillows from Stockholm based The Kind Pillow Company are filled with Kapok fibres, a natural and sustainable fibre from the Kapok tree. The trees are not harmed in any way, as we use the seed pods naturally released from the tree. The Kapok trees can live for 300 years, that's a lot of pillows!

Our pillow protectors are made from sustainable bamboo rayon fabric, making it smooth and soft, almost like a silk feeling. It retains a lot of the benefits of bamboo fibres, making it hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite and still easy to throw into a washing machine for a quick wash. 

Purchase here or directly at The Kind Pillow Company based in Sweden, Stockholm. 

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